EUTRAIN Questionnaire

Short presentation of the ‘EUTRAIN’ project

International Cooperation in the field of Transport and transport research in particular is becoming an increasing priority for the EU, aiming, primarily at creating ‘critical mass’, by working collaboratively, for research and development towards meeting critical 21st century transportation challenges. The main idea and objective is to establish – through international cooperation in transport research – the widespread and free circulation of specialized knowledge, experience and know-how in addressing transport problems and challenges and create the conditions for increase in ‘breakthrough’ research and innovation that would otherwise require more time and resources if attempted individually and separately. As the European Transport Research Area (ERA-T) takes shape and strength, international transport research collaboration becomes increasingly important, especially with regions that are economically and scientifically advanced or in the process of becoming so or of particular importance to the EU (cooperation with the U.S.A., Japan, Mediterranean cooperation countries, Eastern European Neighborhood countries - including Balkans and Black Sea region -, China, Russia, India and South Africa is seen as priority).

The EUTRAIN project seeks to investigate key issues for the development of such cooperation and propose an appropriate framework. The project will build upon the existing experience and know-how in this field – as well as on existing statutory arrangements – and will go further to produce specific recommendations and policies that can be applied in short to medium time frames. The EUTRAIN project is funded by the 7th Framework programme for research of the European Commission.

Methodology, structure and objectives of the questionnaire

The Questionnaire is intended to be completed by persons in the governmental administrations (or equivalent) that deal with research policy formulation, and/or research governance at National or Federal level. Normally, these administrations have the responsibility for issuing calls, funding research projects through specific research programmes or frameworks, and producing international scientific and research cooperation agreements and liaisons. 

The questionnaire should be completed on-line or offline (sent via email) by the appropriate person in each Organization, following initial contact with the EUTRAIN staff for the purpose of developing a better understanding of the project and its objectives. Please try to answer all questions.

Should you have any problems or questions in completing the questionnaire, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For assistance please contact:
Mr. Evangelos Mitsakis
Tel: +30-2310-498459